JOY & MOMENTUM / by Telluride FUEL

Dear Fuel Family,

As I read across the massive amount of blogs, post, studies, articles and books related to the field of health and wellness I continue to be impressed by how many good ideas are out there.  For sure some ideas are better than others and some ideas are better for others, but for the most part it’s all good enough to make a positive impact on anyone’s health quest.  Still my sense is that a fair amount of doubt exists in the space and about the space.  Non-practitioners of daily health practices never really being convinced enough to give it a try and regular practitioners saddled with worry over whether they are actually doing the right thing.  


  • There’s an overwhelming spectrum of choices that can create anxiety for people.  
  • There’s an element of compare and despair that brings up self-esteem issues for some.  
  • To be a regular practitioner means to be regularly confronted with dysfunction caused by inability, injury, or experience and solving that dysfunction creates questions that need answers that sometimes don’t come easily.  

The key to thriving amidst all of this is creating a doubt free zone.  To do that for yourself is really a matter of creating an environment wherein you are learning.  What’s the best exercise for my back pain? Says he.  The exercise that allows you to figure out why you have back pain in the first place.  Says me.  It’s a lot like what’s the best religion?  The one that allows you to find God.  In terms of finding one’s Path of Exercise you should be seeking out activity that brings you joy.  As you test out the different fitness tips, insights, studies, recommendations, etc see if you can seek their endpoint with a sense of joy.

Why joy?  It’d be easy to dismiss the importance of joy in a realm where blood, sweat, and tears are required.  It would also be easy to think that joy is more related to the result or aftermath.  And that joy is nothing more than how you keep a kid active.  The truth is that all of that is true.  But what’s also true is that developing the skill of being able to find joy in the midst of your process will lead you to the promise land of life long exercise and athletics.  

For this arrival to occur it matters less what you’re doing and more how you’re doing what you’re doing.  I think joyful participation in every activity directly relates to positioning yourself as a lifelong learner.  What I mean is that to tap into joy on a regular basis one has to be under the belief that he’s onto something.  It’s the very real feeling of imminent discovery that creates a sense of propulsion.  One more, one more, one more.  Harness that properly and you will never go without joy’s cousin inspiration.

Inspiration is the thing that will get you started.  Meaning that with almost zero momentum you can stand in your mud room and know that if you put your ski boots on and head for the mountain that today may just be the day of all days.  The day you have your next aha moment.  

Once in motion, the person in motion stays in motion.  Ideally that motion is joyful and centered on learning.  Being able to joyfully get lost in the development of skill will allow you to sidestep the emotional abyss that lifelong exercise and athletics can be.